Grabbed a pen and an old napkin
anyone notice her bruise on the back of her leg?
Awe they are both going

Shopping in New York City 7/11/14 (x)

New photo of Taylor for Diet Coke (x)




Let me tell you all the reasons why this is complete and total bullshit. 

1(if Taylor is commenting on fans Instagram’s and liking photos and whatever to get good publicity thens shes not getting shit out of it because no one in the media has noticed it. ONE website wrote a tiny article about it and it was barely read by 100 people and now its buried somewhere under a bunch of rude articles written about her now so if shes doing it for publicly all those nights spent staying up till 5am commenting nice and encouraging things was all a waste. NO ONE NOTICES THAT SHE DOES THAT EXCEPT HER FANS its a hell of alot to go through all that just to not even be noticed by the media. The reason she never did it before was because Paula never allowed it but now that she has Tree, tree is a little less strict and lets her do whatever. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING PUBLICITY shes not getting anything out of it. Its just her way of communicating with fans and how the fuck would you know what she discusses with her manager and PR team??? Are you there in the meeting are you a fucking fly on the wall that hears everything??? You say you have sources that tell you these things but I dont believe that and even if you do guess what people lie and your stupid if you think her manager is the one who comments and likes fans photos SHE HAS SAID MULTIPLE TIMES AND I QUOTE SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WITH THE PASSWORD TO ALL HER SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. INSTAGRAM INCLUDED. SHES DOESNT GIVE OTHER PEOPLE HER PASSWORDS TO THOSE THINGS SO NO ITS NOT HER MANAGER COMMENTING on fan photos and if it was we would know because it would not sound like something taylor would say. We all know how Taylor writes and what she sounds like giving advice and if it were someone else we would be aBLE to tell!!!

2)if the rumor of her throwing all her fan mail away is true then why did Scott Swift show and tell Ed Sheeran and his mom the different ways they organize and read through Taylor’s fan mail huh??? If they threw it all away then why did Ed Sheeran say that Scott Swift told him and his mom that -and I quote- “they organize her fanmail in 3 different categories. 1) people that love her 2) people that are dying and 3) people who want to chain her up in the basement” this is a quote and it is true it was said. So if Taylor just threw out all her fanmail why do her and her team take time to organize it into these categories. And the only way they would be able to put them in these categories is IF THEY READ THEM and I’m not saying she reads all of it because she probably doesn’t but she has to read some peoples fanmail if she spent almost all her days off last summer painting guitars for kids who were sick that had sent her letters and she would read their letters and paint a guitar for them and send it to them. She painted about ten a day which meant she was reading those letters and replying to them. ALSO if she threw out all her fanmail then why have there been multiple occasions where fans get reply letter from her in the mail where she thanks them for their letter huh??? Wow if she threw out ALL  of her fan mail then I’m pretty sure none of this would’ve happened. Again I’m not saying she reads ALL of it cause she probably doesn’t. I wouldn’t. But she also does read some. So stfu. 

3) POOHHOOOO that you didn’t get to see her and that her manager and mom canceled on you. Too fucking bad and I’m glad they did cancel on you because you don’t deserve to meet her if you submit shit like this basically calling her a fake label puppet who only does nice things out of the kindness of her heart just to get good publicity. You shouldn’t meet her if you spend your time making stuff like this trying to present her in a bad light. If you really did love her as much as you claim then you wouldn’t have submitted this. And also if they canceled on you they probably had a good reason. Something  Important probably came up. You don’t know their reason for canceling so don’t sit here and try to make taylor look like the bad guy. It’s not her fault that she has a hectic schedule and sometimes things get canceled or pushed back. You can’t blame her because she’s not the one who canceled on you. 

4) you said you have “connections” well unless your actually there at her meeting and hear and see everything that goes on then you actually don’t know shit. People lie all the time and you could be and your connections probably could be too. You have no idea what Taylor and her manager say so stop trying to advertise false information. Okay? Okay. 

5) if Taylor was so horrible to adults she works with then how come Literally NO ONE she’s ever worked with has EVER said a bad thing about her. All they ever say is how nice and genuine she is and how happy they are to have worked with her so once again your wrong. 

Idk what your problem is or what your motive was for submitting this but it’s was all bullshit and I was able to call you out on ever single false stupid thing you said. Idc if you don’t like Taylor or if you actually think this of her but none of this is true and you know it. I know it and so will everyone else when they read this. You’re obviously just another basic THAT KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT TAYLOR AND WHAT SHE DOES. If you knew anything about Taylor you would know about all the stuff that I mentioned in this rant and it literally made me so sick reading your secret because Taylor takes the time out of her day to do nice things for us even if it’s as little and liking a picture on Instagram on commenting some advice on a fans photo who had a bad day and you’re sitting here trying to say it’s all fake and that Taylor doesn’t actually do that. Like how dare. Maybe Taylor actually does this (which she does) and you probably can’t stand that fact that’s she’s actually this nice and kind hearted so you sat there and took your time to come up with this bull but guess what your wrong. So if you don’t like Taylor and what she does and stands for then leave. No one said you ever had to be a fan. Jfc

Alright that is the official end of my rant I’m so sorry I wrote so much but I had to make this point. I will not sit here and let this basic hater try to present Taylor in a bad light and make up lies about her. Taylor is nice to her fans and nothing you say can change that. So thank you if you read all this im out. Peace!!! 

P.S. Idc if I sounded means and idc if I get hate for this because it had to be said. ADIOS!!!


Preach indeed! And also, I remember the one article in the Washington Post citing that either her manager or publicist- I can’t remember which and don’t want it misquote- confirmed that it was indeed Taylor doing the liking/commenting.  Not only that, but most fans could simply tell just by the way she “talks” in the comments and the words she uses. It took the media- aka a few small articles on the subject- MONTHS to even catch on. There’s been a few nights where she’s been on for HOURS going through fan pages and commenting, so it’s unlikely it’s solely for publicity. The confession also contradicts itself when it mentions how “it’s mostly her manager” doing the liking/commenting but then later says at least she’s nice to her fans and likes/comments. So which is it? I’m not saying she’s perfect; we are all human. Maybe she’s snapped at employees before. Maybe sometimes she’s even a little demanding. When you’re as big as she is, in order to stay where you are, you have to be not just the artist but the business person. Sometimes she may want things a certain way and if they aren’t done as such maybe she’s displeased- but it’s her art and her vision in a society where staying afloat in the industry isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so who could blame her?